About Our Business
Tactical Conflict Systems was founded by Leo Walsh over 20 years.ago.  TCS
developed a line of historical and fantasy terrain and buildings as well as generic
1/600 scale American Civil War ships and 25mm generic miniature figures and
animals.  TCS has an award winning line of 25mm scale buildings called Hollow
Houses for Western, Fantasy and Spanish/Mexican scenarios.  They also
published several rule sets including: The British are Coming, Under Fire, High
Noon, Age of Iron, Age of Iron Expansion, Age of Dreadnought.  

In September of 2005, Paul Trani, a lifelong hobbyist, bought Tactical Conflict
Systems and re-opened as Tabletop Conflict Systems, LLC.  The New TCS carries
all of the original items except the ACW ships and the rules sets.  We also have
plans to release several new lines in the future.  Paul moved the company's
headquarters from Rhode Island to Pottstown, Pennsylvania and has settled into
the new office and production facilities.  TCS items are now available online for the
first time and credit cards are now accepted for purchases.

Tabletop Conflict Systems, LLC - About Us